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Mitchell Benson,

Junior Accountant


Mitchell Benson

Mitchell is currently in his last year at McMaster University completing his Honors Bachelors of Commerce Degree with specialization in Accounting. Along with the required commerce courses, he studies economics and sociology to accompany his major. Upon graduation in 2021, he plans to continue to work towards his CPA designation.

Mitchell has had experience in many different business models, some that are innovative and aimed towards the future and ones that are more traditional. From this, Mitchell has gained valuable experience that helps prepare businesses for the future accompanied with a strong work ethic.

In his spare time, Mitchell enjoys playing a variety of sports from soccer to hockey, camping and paddle boarding.

After working full time with the PT CFO team during the summer, Mitchell continues to study at the DeGroote School of Business within McMaster.


  • McMaster University DeGroote School of Business, 2nd year