Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether buying or selling, financial leadership is key to a successful execution.


Accelerating results through joining or purchasing another company.

When is the right time to merge or acquire another business? Are your sites on the appropriate target? Are you approaching the situation with winning negotiating tactics?

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Setting your sights

For early stage M&A opportunity development, it is essential to have a clear target scope that allows for focused and purposed conversations.

Negotiation and Structure

Favourable terms and a functional structure can catalyze a win-win-win outcome for each stakeholder.

Post-M&A planning and advice

To unlock maximum value requires planning before, during, and after the transaction. We will be with you throughout the process.

Our team will make your business transition as seamless as possible.

To remain competitive in a market, organizations will join efforts to become a single, stronger entity. Part Time CFO will help guide your company through the process, allowing you to make better, more-informed decisions and ensure the longevity of the partnership is sustainable.

We can evaluate, negotiate, close transactions, and assist in the successful transition into your existing business.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of mergers exist?

  • Horizontal Merger: Companies that share the same market and product lines that are in direct competition.
  • Vertical Merger:  Merging from different organizational levels. For example, a customer and a business or a business and a supplier.
  • Market-extension Merger: Companies that sell the same products in different markets.
  • Conglomeration: Companies that have no common business aspects.
  • Product-extension Merger: Companies selling related products in the same market.