Financing and Cash Flow

Without sufficient access to funds for wages, accounts receivables, inventory, equipment and loan commitments, even a profitable company can become insolvent. We can provide financing and cash flow insights to help you remain profitable.

Ensure your business has a strong, positive cash flow.

Managing your financing and cash flow processes will allow for budget growth in product testing, renovations and expansions, and staff training programs. Give your company the financial freedom to expand to larger locations, partner with more investors, and conquer other business goals with professional consulting and cash managing services.

Cash Flow Services

Managing your financing and cash flow is essentially controlling the money flowing in and out of your company, often referred to as Cash Inflow and Cash Outflow. Your Cash Inflow consists of payments from customers, receipts from a loan, funds from an investor, or interest on savings or investments. Your Cash Outflow is any of your existing expenses, resulting in money leaving the company.

But if more cash is leaving the company than coming in, you’re experiencing Negative Cash Flow. Just because you’re suffering from negative cash flow now, does not mean you’re going to suffer a loss because cash flow is so dynamic. Even the best business owners can miss out on profits when they don’t calculate company cash flow. With our experience, the insights we provide will help you remain profitable, and make informed financial decisions.

We keep you financially informed and on the right track to success with our complete financial and cash flow services. We begin with a consultation to discuss your company’s current financial situation, this means taking a look at the money you’ve invested in the business, cash in the company bank account, your loans, and cash from investors. Then, we build a strategic plan to get your company on the right track to success.

Credit Policies and Procedures/Reducing Bad Debts

Accounts receivable is typically the biggest asset for most businesses, yet most companies do nothing to improve their credit and collections processes. We see the value of developing a formalized credit policy that covers company rules, given our constant tough economic situations and political uncertainty. Negotiating your company regulations and procedures to manage daily operations, reduce bad debts, increase company cash inflow and optimize company resources will improve your credit, and make your collection processes efficient.

Working Capital Funds

By definition, working capital is the amount by which current assets exceed current liabilities. But most business owner’s month-to-month financial capital documents won’t do much to tell you what your working capital needs are for now or the years to come. Consequently, working capital financing is needed.

We will help your company understand the importance of understanding details of your daily operations, like your operating cycle (accounts receivable days + inventory days), which is knowing how long it takes for your accounts receivable to collect an account or how many days it takes for your inventory to turn over the sale of a product. We work with organizations to get your entire team on the same page to regain the company morale that results from a sense of financial control. We understand the right way to negotiate vendors and customer agreements that will be in your company’s best interest and help bring you quicker profits.

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