Part Time CFO services

As your Part Time CFO, we optimize new opportunities, provide solutions to your issues and identify strategies to reduce your risk.

Financing and Cash Flow

“Cash is king”, a phrase often used since the 2008 financial crisis, is relevant for any business today. Without sufficient access to funds for wages, accounts receivables, inventory, equipment and loan commitments, even a profitable company can become insolvent. We can provide the following insights and services to help you remain profitable:

Key Services

  • Negotiate bank agreements that meet the needs of your business
  • Establish credit policies and procedures to improve collections and reduce bad debts
  • Negotiate vendor and customer agreements to reduce funds required for working capital

Crisis Management

When your company experiences an event or series of events that threatens to harm your organization or possibly terminate it, we can assist in identifying the root causes, offer options to rectify them while simultaneously putting necessary plans in place to deal with the immediate issues facing the business.

Key Services

  • Provide quick stop-gap intervention
  • Identify potential turn around strategies
  • Negotiate plans with lenders to allow sufficient time for a turn around

Financial Oversight

Developing strategies for future growth are dependent on a complete understanding of your businesses financials. We provide an in depth analysis of your financial situation, overseeing the position of all departments. Specific services include:

Key Services

  • Interpreting the financials into actionable plans
  • Develop a realistic monthly/annual plan for revenues and expenses
  • Create policies and procedures

Mergers and Acquisitions

Making the decision to join or purchase another company is a daunting one, even for the most experienced business person. We have solid experience investigating and implementing purchasing opportunities and can improve your chance of success by:

Key Services

  • Conducting a strategic analysis and completing the due diligence needed to make an informed decision
  • Setting the negotiation strategy and completing the process
  • Creating a legal entity structure that meets your needs

Business Strategy

Setting a strategy for your business, after a thorough analysis of your entire business environment, will give your company the best chance for success. As a Part Time CFO, we can lead your organization through this process, at both the macro and micro level. Examples include:

Key Services

  • Create a detail financial model to match your strategic plan
  • Plant expansion and other manufacturing strategies
  • Business restructuring options

Risk Management

Often the risks vs. reward balance for businesses seem to be heavily weighted towards risk.  We can help you to clearly identify the risks your business faces, and devise a plan to avoid, transfer and/or reduce these risks.  Areas would include:

Key Services

  • Assessment of your competitive landscape and potential future implications
  • Foreign currency risk through hedging programs
  • Insurance policies management