James Regan

James Regan, CPA

Senior Financial Analyst


James Regan, CPA

James is a dynamic CPA who seamlessly blends numerical proficiency with an active lifestyle. In the corporate realm, James has left a mark through impactful contributions across various sectors. As a finance manager at a prominent healthcare institution, he adeptly led a team through a seamless audit process, ensuring financial integrity. In his role as a controller at an agribusiness, James meticulously managed financial reporting and budgeting and played a pivotal role in optimizing global operations, with a specific focus on Ireland.

James’s commitment to his clients is evident in his role in a recent not-for-profit client, where he not only oversaw and managed the financial department of a prominent organization but also contributed significantly to growth through strategic pricing analysis. His expertise in revamping accounts receivable processes resulted in a substantial reduction in invoicing duration, showcasing his dedication to operational efficiency and process optimization.

With his multifaceted expertise, James proves to be an invaluable asset for any organization, combining financial prowess with a strategic mindset for sustainable growth and success.



  • Trent University, Bachelor of Business Administration, Specialization in Accounting