The Part Time CFO Difference

The benefits of hiring a Part Time CFO are no secret. It offers small and medium sized private businesses a seasoned executive to increase the depth of their team when a full time hire is not required.


Part of your team

Over time, we create personal relationships with your team and other business partners to become the individual you can trust with your business’ financial success.


On the front line

We become a physical presence within your business and gain a complete understanding of your business needs and goals.


Follow through

We follow through with our solutions. First by developing an agreed to plan and then putting it in motion, we deal with any hurdles during the execution.

Business is a team sport

We quickly realized that becoming directly involved with businesses was the best way to clearly identify issues and implement solutions. This also gives us the chance to assess each client’s specific needs and opportunities.  We encourage face to face communication as much as possible. It is important for our clients to feel comfortable working with us, so we are willing to go the extra distance to ensure this is possible.

What is a Part Time CFO?

  • A trusted advisor and consultant
  • An accountant with strong technical skills
  • A CFO who quickly becomes part of your team
  • A leader who strategizes and executes
  • Diverse family and private business expertise
  • A creative problem solver