Start in January, May, or September

Internships/Co-Op Placements

Get paid to network with other professionals, mentors and industry experts while getting professional growth opportunities that will set the foundation for your career in accounting and finance.

Meaningful work

Your workday will be full of opportunities to learn something new. You’ll experience servicing our clients from various industries and dealing with their unique financial needs.

Relationships Matter

Gain valuable insight while collaborating with and working alongside senior financial experts and other Part Time CFO team members with diverse skills and experiences.

Career growth opportunities

Goals and workloads are monitored to help you reach those goals and complete tasks. Our aim is for each student to be successful and continue to grow with us even after graduation.

The future is uncertain, but a Chartered Professional Accountant can sure make it better

Imagine working with a team of dynamic, experienced professionals who want to help you succeed. The work is varied and always changing. Our clientele includes entrepreneurs of private businesses to Executive Directors of not-for-profit organizations. Each need their finances in order so they can focus on what really matters.

Small companies offer a sense of fulfillment

With Part Time CFO Services, you become an integral member of our team, gaining hands-on experiences, and forging solid relationships with coworkers. We feel strongly about providing opportunities for personal growth as well as career growth within the company.

Working for a smaller company with multiple clients creates a fast-paced environment where decisions are made quickly and seen through to the end. At Part Time CFO Services, you get more personal attention and the chance to solve problems from different angles with the guidance of mentors.