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Future Work Trends: Hire a Part-Time CFO

Fractional CFO

COVID-19 regulations have certainly thrown a curveball to the professional working world. The truth is: most businesses aren’t planning the return to “normal” quite yet–or possibly ever. A recent study from Global Workplace Analytics reports that 76% of the workforce plans to continue working from home, even after the pandemic is over. Whether that happens or not, only time will tell, but either way it’s safe to assume you and your team will be working remotely for the foreseeable future.

Filling Workplace Needs in a Remote World: Fractional Team Members

While it’s difficult to know exactly what the future of work will look like, one thing is certain: fractional team members are positioned to be more critical than ever for your business right now. Fractional team members from Part Time CFO Services are seasoned experts in their field, who either split their time between multiple companies or work for a single organization for a defined amount of time.

Getting Back on Track with a Part-Time CFO

With over 2.2 million Canadians embracing independent career choices, it’s clear that leveraging fractional employees as a business strategy is more than just a passing fad. Financial guidance is key to understanding your options in 2021. With a part-time CFO you can find ways to save on operational costs, search for creative ways to save money without impacting customer service, and ultimately steer your organization in the right direction.

A few areas Part Time CFO Services can assist:

  • Financing and Cashflow
  • Crisis Management
  • Financial Oversight
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Strategy
  • Risk Management

Keep Your Business Growing

Just because we’re all working from home doesn’t mean your plans for growth need to be put on pause. Perhaps you were planning on revamping your sales team, increasing marketing efforts, or launching a new initiative. All of these tasks might seem impossible without the ability to be in-person, but part-time team members have been thrown into unknown business situations for most of their careers. By utilizing an outside resource, not only are you keeping your core team focused on their day-to-day responsibilities, you are tapping into knowledge of a leader who’s been through a similar situation before. It can make the unknown much less daunting, allowing you to push forward with even greater force.

Benefits of Part-Time Team Members in the Long-term

Even before recent events, leveraging part-time team members, as either leaders or to fill a skill gap, has been a growing trend amongst business savvy organizations. It’s a smart business strategy that allows companies to fulfill a high level of responsibility without overextending the existing team or going over budget on salary spend. Companies have found the most success hiring fractional team members in leadership, sales, or marketing roles… all very important areas that can require some extra attention. The idea of these part-time team members is becoming quite popular for small companies, as they realize they can now afford the same level of expertise as their larger competitors without paying for a permanent hire. Part-time team members bring valuable experience, leadership, and knowledge to companies that would otherwise find these attributes inaccessible.

Part Time CFO Services works directly with business owners to improve a company’s long-term financial health with part-time financial services. Click here to learn more about our team of experts.