Frequently Asked Questions

What types of mergers exist?

  • Horizontal Merger: Companies that share the same market and product lines that are in direct competition.
  • Vertical Merger:  Merging from different organizational levels. For example, a customer and a business or a business and a supplier.
  • Market-extension Merger: Companies that sell the same products in different markets.
  • Conglomeration: Companies that have no common business aspects.
  • Product-extension Merger: Companies selling related products in the same market.

What are the stages of Risk Management?

Risk assessment

Assessing the risks with the professionals at Part Time CFO will ensure that you’re fully aware of all incidents that could impact the day-to-day operations of your business. Our team will determine ways to help protect your assets and provide you with the information required to make informed decisions.

Risk evaluation and treatment

Estimated risks should be evaluated, and treatment should be put in place once the assessment has been completed. Our team works with your staff to ensure that all policies, systems and requirements are dependable and actionable in case of company risk.

Monitor and review risk

Once a risk is identified or a procedure is put in place to mitigate it, it’s essential to put a plan into motion to ensure you’re prepared if the risk happens again. Part Time CFO will help guide your company to adopting reliable, quick-action responses to risks within the organization.

Part Time CFO will assess, analyze, evaluate and treat risks that occur within several business departments, such as:

  • Information technology
  • Data management
  • Public/media relations
  • Marketing and sales
  • Manufacturing and production stages
  • And more

What are the benefits of a business strategy?

Organizing a business strategy will help provide growth and clarity while inspiring your team for success.

  • Develop organizational clarity and direction: Creating a company strategy will help frame the future of your business, allow you to regain clarity and focus, and help identify the ideal direction to take.
  • Be more prepared: A business strategy will prepare your business for upcoming trends and shifts in the industry and help minimize operational risks by developing a detailed plan and putting it into motion.
  • Make your people happier: Aligning your employees with a business strategy they can support and pave the way for proper procedure implementation increases production levels and helps mitigate employee turnover.
  • Better understanding of the current business situation: Compiling a strategy for your business allows you to step back and analyze your company from multiple perspectives. With Part Time CFO you’ll have a professional, experienced team looking at company strengths and weaknesses to make a better-informed decision.
  • Have a clearer vision for the future: Your business strategy will help predetermine the fate of your business by creating a clear map for your team to follow. Navigate the unknown obstacles and feel a great sense of preparedness with help from Part Time CFO Services LLP

What does a business strategy include?

Each business has unique competitors, customers, and trends influencing business outcomes. A business strategy aims to outline where your business is currently and what its priorities should be. By analyzing internal factors (strengths/weaknesses, staff morale, financial position) and external factors (consumer habits, market trends, opportunities/threats, economic environment, competition), a business strategy sets your company on the path to success.

What could put your business into a crisis situation?

A corporate crisis could destroy the unprepared. Developing protocols and management techniques will help keep your business sustainably operating. A corporate crisis could include:

  • Insolvency
  • Losing key employees or managers
  • Lawsuits
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Lack of investors
  • Technological breakdowns

The ground of the economy is constantly shifting. It’s important to establish a contingency plan that can adapt to changes such as:

  • Volatile markets
  • Inflation
  • Service failures that disrupt operations

How does Part Time CFO Services help me understand my business’ cash flow?

Cash flow statements help you identify profitable parts of the business, spot any waste areas, and understand when and if it might be the right time to scale. We keep you financially informed and on the right track to success with our complete financial and cash flow services. We begin with a consultation to discuss your company’s current financial situation; this means taking a look at the money you’ve invested in the business, cash in the company bank account, your loans, and cash from investors. Then, we build a strategic plan to get your company on the right track to success.

My company is profitable. Do I need to be concerned about cash flow?

“Cash is king”, a phrase often used since the 2008 financial crisis, is still relevant for any business today. Without sufficient access to it for wages, accounts receivables, inventory equipment and loan commitments, even a profitable company can become insolvent. It enables you to meet your existing financial obligations as well as plan for the future.

What are the benefits of solid financial oversight?

  • Frees you to focus on larger business issues: Part Time CFO manages and oversees your financial matters, providing professional advice on your most important business decisions. With financial oversight, your organization will fully understand what is needed for your business to adopt good financial management practices.
  • Ability to negotiate for more favourable supply chain/service terms: Improving your financial management can begin with finding more than one quote for things like supplier costs and overhead expenses. The financial experts at Part Time CFO will provide you with authoritative negotiating and good business practices so you can get top value for your expenses.
  • Keep a handle on performance trends: We are available to clients for ongoing advice and financial monitoring to keep your business on track toward achieving its goals.
  • Cash flow planning: Our trusted advisors will help your company with cash flow statements, letting you and your team see where cash is coming from, where it’s being spent, and how to best manage it.

What is crisis management?

Crisis management is an organization’s ability to quickly and appropriately handle an emergency situation, with the end goal being to recover from as much of the damage as possible. In the 21st century, a crisis can be many things ranging from a natural disaster to a tweet sent out in the poor taste.

What is financial oversight?

Financial oversight is strategically managing and overseeing your company’s financial processes.

Why is it better to use Part Time CFO Services than hire my own CFO on a part time basis?

A Part Time CFO can bring an unbiased, third party point of few that an employee may not be able to deliver. Also, finding the right person and training can be very time-consuming as well as costly. Listen to what our clients’ testimonials say about the difference we’ve made in their business.

Where are you located and what areas do you service?

Actually, we don’t have a head office. Our team members work right alongside your team, becoming a physical presence within your business to gain a complete understanding of your needs and goals. Part Time CFO Associates service clients all over southern and central Ontario. Take a look at the skill set of our team members and the areas they service.

What does a CFO do and what is the difference between a CFO and my accountant?

Your accountant prepares your annual financial statements and corporate taxes. A CFO works intimately in your business, proactively identifying and implementing methods to improve your profitability and cashflow. Find out more about what makes us different here.

Why should I use Part Time CFO Services for managing my company’s financial needs?

The benefits of hiring a Part Time CFO are no secret. It offers small and medium-sized private businesses a seasoned executive to increase the depth of their team when a full time hire is not required. As your Part Time CFO, we optimize new opportunities, provide solutions to your issues and identify strategies to reduce your risk, all at a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO. Our services range from financial oversight to cash flow and risk management.


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