Interested in a career with Part Time CFO Services? We are currently seeking new team members with excellent financial leadership to join our diverse group of senior advisors.

Part Time CFO Services is looking forward to expanding our team, giving clients the most tailored experience possible to achieve their objectives.

We strongly believe in working with clients that can benefit from a Part Time CFO partnership, only offering services we can personally implement and support, and most importantly, is the right fit for the client.  We offer a work environment that is both professionally and personally fulfilling, yet can flex the number of clients and the associated workload to match your own overall availability.  You will be an integral part of a team with a vision of superior customer service and the ability to consistently deliver tangible results.


Position: Associate


  • You are goal oriented and a natural business leader.  You are an exceptional listener and enjoy taking charge when appropriate.
  • Proven ability to work with multiple departments to develop and implement strategic plans.
  • You have always had an entrepreneurial mind.  Creative ideas and solutions come easily to you.
  • You see the value of personal interactions, networking and face-to-face communication.
  • Community involvement and extracurricular activities have always been important to you. Managing your time is second nature to you.
  • Confidence working in a senior financial leadership role for at least 20 years, ideally in multiple companies and industries.

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Position: Accounting Coordinator (Location – Cobourg, ON)

The Accounting Coordinator position will perform the day-to-day processing of various accounting and operational transactions to ensure the company finances and supporting documentation are maintained in an effective, up to date and accurate manner.


  • Business Diploma or equivalent
  • Maintains high level of accuracy in preparing and entering financial information
  • Demonstrates confidentiality concerning financial and employee files
  • Analytical decision making and problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, written, and interpersonal) and organizational skills
  • Excellent Computer and Excel Skills
  • Strong teamwork skills, with ability to work independently
  • Desire to learn


  • Data entry of payroll information
  • Maintain listings of accounts payable and reconcile to General Ledger
  • Data Entry of Logistics Information
  • Preparation of Weekly Invoices
  • Verify that transactions comply with internal policies
  • Create and distribute financial and operational reports
  • Respond to and address any discrepancies on contractor invoices
  • Prepare and remit source deductions and payroll tax
  • Other duties as assigned

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