5 Ways a Fractional CFO Can Help my Company

Are you a small, but growing, business where cash is tight?
Are you frustrated with the state of your company’s finances?
Are you unsure if you’re tracking and analyzing the right business metrics?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone.

Many small business owners and startup organizations are secretly scrambling to get their finances in order. It’s not an easy task – so why not do something about it? Leaders are turning to Part Time CFO Services LLP to bring clarity and direction to their financial department.

What exactly does Part Time CFO Services do?

We provide companies with Fractional, or Part Time CFOs, as well as a team model that includes a controller, analyst and accountant. All of this at a fraction of the cost of full-time employees. If you’re wondering what kind of an impact this can make, below are 5 ways a Fractional CFO can help your company:

1. Strategize and redesign your accounting process.

Our team does not only come with extensive finance knowledge, we know how to implement processes that have been proven to work at other organizations. You’ll be surprised to see how many errors can be resolved and how much your financial efficiency can improve through the right processes.

2. Overhaul reporting.

Many times, organizations lack financial clarity simply because they are not looking at the right numbers on a regular basis. Your new Fractional CFO will rebuild weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports that fit with what your business needs to grow.

3. Oversee replacement of technology platforms.

Our team members are often pulled in to audit and/or replace financial technology to ensure a streamlined process and enable the business to scale.

4. Navigate a cash crisis.

It’s not uncommon for a company to face a cash crisis every once in a while. An experienced Fractional CFO has been through it all and can jump right in to mitigate risk and steer your company in the right direction. A Fractional CFO will also put cash management best practices in place to ensure your business isn’t blind sighted by a crisis again.

5. Manage investments and financing.

If you’re looking to grow big with a new idea or raising capital, a Fractional CFO can help navigate the challenges and ensure you’re financing in the best possible way for your business.

If your business is in need of financial leadership and direction, but you don’t want to make the investment of a full-time CFO, consider Part time CFO Services LLP for top-notch expertise at a fraction of the cost.