5 Financial Podcasts for Business Owners

Business owners know that the key to success is staying ahead. It is important to keep up to date with industry news and trends—to be in a constant state of learning and developing your skill set. However, business owners have incredibly busy schedules, and it can be a challenge to find the time to read books or watch webinars to learn new things. Podcasts are a great resource–they have become the best way to absorb new information, while doing something else. For example, you could tune into a podcast while on your commute, or while you are on the treadmill!

Finance is a topic not everyone is excited to read a book on. Fortunately, there are podcasts that make learning about all things finance easier and more engaging! Here are 5 Canadian financial podcasts you should be tuning into if you are a business owner.

1. Financial Planning for Canadian Business Owners – Jason Pereia

Planning for Canadian Business Owners is just that: a weekly show dedicated to helping Canadian business owners at every stage of development. Jason invites experts from various fields to share advice and experience and covers everything from building your corporate structure to selling your business. Episodes are only about 30 mins long, and they provide a written summary of highlights (with time stamps) for each episode so you can easily jump to the content you are interested in.

2. Simple Money Podcast – Matthew Siwiec

Simple Money Podcast is a fun, no-frills show that covers practical and timely financial topics, like how COVID-19 benefits are taxed and how those working at home can claim their expenses. The host, Matthew Siwiec is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with 15 years of experience. The episodes are short (~10 mins) and to-the-point making them easy to fit into your busy schedule.

3. Wealth Without Bay Street – Richard Canfield & Jayson Lowe

This podcast is a Canadian guide to building dependable wealth. Banking experts and hosts Richard Canfield and Jason Lowe interview a variety of guests including business professionals and authors to dig into strategies and mindsets needed for a successful financial future. There are new episodes weekly, and each episode is about 30-40 minutes long.

4. More Money Podcast – Jessica Moorhouse

This podcast is one of Canada’s top personal finance podcasts that has more than 270 episodes across twelve seasons. Money expert and Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada® Jessica Moorhouse interviews finance and business professionals, and entrepreneurs to help you learn how to make smarter choices, earn more money and become debt-free. While this podcast is less business-related, all business owners know that having your personal finances in order is just as important! These episodes are longer, averaging at around 50 minutes each.

5. #HashtagFinance – Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)

#HashtagFinance is a show for anyone who follows financial markets, stocks and anything entrepreneurial. There are multiple hosts of the show, all from Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) who talk with business leaders and influencers in capital markets who share their professional insights. Episodes are about 30 minutes long, and each episode has a written summary with timestamps in the description.

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